Online electronic music and sound art composed by Marc McNulty

Were the Barrons, of Forbidden Planet soundtrack fame, still alive and working today, they might very well sound like Marc McNulty, the musician and sound artist whose explorations of small sonic spaces result in squiggling effects that suggest an otherworldly aura. His is a characteristically internecine journey through microscopic dank pockets of slomo whirligigs, melting tonal affect, and tantalizing garbles. Which is to say, it sounds both like a modern use of digital audio tools to explore audio objects, and like the special effects from an ancient science fiction film. Tomorrow’s music is yesteryear’s foley sounds. - Marc Weidenbaum (

mp3's for your ears:

>  abject+ (24mb) (installation @ distillery)

>  brisance (19mb) to break or shatter

>  cyclic entropy (5mb)

>  p_o_g[sv] (14mb) w/ john mallia

>  roughly 355/133 (4.6mb) a microsound Pi Day project

>  chelyabinsk (7mb) (meteor event 2013 feb 15)

>  breyting berbergi (24mb) space moving in time

>  lamictal™ (52mb) anti-seizure + equilibrium

>  nachkupfern (5mb) from badbeatz(de) compilation

>  fuselage vibration (45mb)

>  airframe desiccation (41mb)

>  above within below (16mb) (w/ stephanie cardon)

>  sputnik 50 (7mb) Спу́тник

>  krakow (54mb) live @ Święta krowa (krakow, pl)

>  new works studio (26.2mb) live in toronto

> perceived light
 luminous flux(29mb)
 radiant flux(15mb)

> code inconnu
 un boulevard tres anime (3.2mb)
 a photograph de guerre (5.0mb)
 sourds-muets (8.8mb)
 instant les trajectores (3.5mb)
 a choise ce metier (2.9mb)
 c'est le noeud qui relie (18.6mb)

> neurontin
 gabapentin (3.8mb)
 somnolence (4.6mb)
 300mg (2.4mb)
 brainfog (3.7mb)
 600mg (6.1mb)
 slown (7.0mb)
 900mg (2.0mb)

> ekronoplan
 sonkinet (3.9mb)
 lufteins (5.6mb)
 nytoeen (4.6mb)
 ilteto (3.4mb)

> aepreen
 glerp (4.8mb)
 kersau (1.8mb)
 muin (4.0mb)
 pinch (5.6mb)
 tashkent (7.2mb)
 praha (8.1mb)
 gdansk (6.0mb)

> tuned hollow body
 backscatter (4.3mb)
 heterodyning (7.3mb)
 umbra (13.2mb)
 split-stator (8.2mb)
 gas-filled line (6.4mb)
 stray inductance (15.6mb)

> oben triptych
 left (1.7mb)
 center (1.0mb)
 right (1.2mb)

> sysatism
 drin (3.7mb)
 filiform (4.2mb)
 geckoonglass (2.0mb)
 keer (3.6mb)
 midden (4.8mb)
 minea (3.8mb)
 tinum (3.2mb)

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